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Simplifying Things Brings Rewards

Simplifying Things Brings Rewards 0

🕔13:46, 5.Mar 2018

As the fourth-generation scion of a 112-year-old jewellery house, Vijay Davanam, Chief Product Officer, Davanam Jewellers, Bangalore was destined to join the family business. After graduating as a gemmologist from Gemological Institute of America, New York, Davanam pursued a post-graduate MBA

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Big little blessings – Vedant Mandaliya

Big little blessings – Vedant Mandaliya 0

🕔08:25, 5.Dec 2017

Vedant Mandaliya is an eighth-generation jeweller with the venerable CH Jewellers of Vadodara, Gujarat. He’s good with jewellery, and he’s also good with children — so he’s made his company unusually and hearteningly committed to CSR. Why we do I

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Maheep Gupta, owner, Raj Jewellers

Maheep Gupta, owner, Raj Jewellers 0 Updated

🕔08:23, 5.Dec 2017

Trigger: A business that is more than a century old needs to keep up with the times. That is the way forward. At our business, everything was being done manually. When I stepped in nearly four years ago, I found

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Ushering in wind of change

Ushering in wind of change 0 Updated

🕔08:17, 5.Dec 2017

Dipankar Jain, Director, Nikkamal Jewellers, Ludhiana, wants his showroom to stand out and be the must visit destination for jewellery shopping. He plans on offering his clients a shopping experience which they have never dreamt of. He realizes for this

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Detach to attract

Detach to attract 0 Updated

🕔08:15, 5.Dec 2017

Young Turk – Harsh Hemdev Fourth-generation jeweller Harsh Hemdev has his finger on the millennial pulse. His consumers want wearable, multipurpose and pocket-friendly, and Hemdev is happy to provide — with a well-considered range of flexible jewellery designs. The results

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Caution and audacity win the day

Caution and audacity win the day 0 Updated

🕔08:12, 5.Dec 2017

With a firm determination & clear mindset, Antony Jose has truly set the ball rolling for Prince Jewellers in South India. Antony Prince joined his family jewellery business — but only after graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA),

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