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Fighting over lost diamond

Fighting over lost diamond 0

🕔07:12, 5.Dec 2017

Rajiv Verma, Owner, Lalsons Jewellers, New Delhi A customer walked in some months ago with a broken diamond ring. He claimed that he had bought it from us and the diamond had fallen off. He accused us of having sold

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Tough to Please

Tough to Please 0

🕔07:10, 5.Dec 2017

Ashish Jain, Partner, Nanak Jewellers, Patiala A client came to our showroom looking for colour kundan jewellery set. She had visited many other showrooms but hadn’t found one. So, she was hoping that she would find one here. Unfortunately, we

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Blame It on the Mercury

Blame It on the Mercury 0

🕔07:10, 5.Dec 2017

Dinesh Verma, Owner, Verma Sons Jewellers, Solan One of our regular clients once brought along a friend who bought gold jewellery from us. After a fortnight or so, they returned with the jewellery. The gold jewellery had turned white. They

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‘Paid for His Negligence’

‘Paid for His Negligence’ 0

🕔07:09, 5.Dec 2017

Amit Munot, Managing Director, Munot Ornaments, Mumbai One of our regular clients, who had purchased a pair of earrings from us, returned after 3-4 months with a complaint. The gold earring back had fallen of and was lost. They assumed

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When Size Mattered the Most

When Size Mattered the Most 0

🕔07:07, 5.Dec 2017

Abhay Kumar, owner, Gaurav Kothari Gems & Jewels, Nagpur A client wanted a gold jhumka made in 7 gms. We did as requested. However, the client refused to take it. He had wanted us to make a jhumka which would

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Sound and fury over a certificate

Sound and fury over a certificate 0

🕔07:05, 5.Dec 2017

Sohil Shah, Owner, Star Jewellery, Surat One of our regular customer bought a diamond ring from us. A week after the purchase, he called us, sounding very agitated and angry. He told us that we hadn’t given him the certificate.

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‘Handle with care and respect’

‘Handle with care and respect’ 0

🕔07:04, 5.Dec 2017

Jithender Vummidi, Partner, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers, Chennai Once a young couple was looking at a pair of diamond bangles in the showroom. They were trying on different pairs. It so happened that one of our salesman took away the mirror,

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‘Labour’s love not lost’

‘Labour’s love not lost’ 0 Updated

🕔07:04, 5.Dec 2017

Prabhat Agrawal, PK & PK Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Mathura Recently, a regular customer visited us. He wanted 23 carat jewellery. We told him about the hallmark jewellery which is certified and has 100 per cent buy back. He purchased the

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‘Touch and feel it is for some’

‘Touch and feel it is for some’ 0 Updated

🕔06:58, 5.Dec 2017

Sachin Kapoor, Owner, Satyam Jewellery House, Amritsar In this age of e-commerce, it is a surprise to meet people who still believe in the old way of shopping. We had advertised our new line of jewellery on Facebook and got

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‘Eye for detail wins the heart’ 0

🕔06:56, 5.Dec 2017

Mayank Agrawal, Owner, Kanhaiya Swarn Kala Kendra, Varanasi For the last many years, one NRI customer visits us every year without fail. Dr Hari Shanker Sharma, who lives in Sweden, always calls before he leaves for India. He tells us

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