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Finding fault, losing faith

Finding fault, losing faith 0 Updated

🕔11:15, 12.Dec 2017

In the race to outpace each other jewellers can fall into a trap laid, perhaps unwittingly, by pushy customers, and find themselves disparaging one another. A jeweller who does this may expect that the customer will come back to buy,

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Paumoli Sanghavi, Owner, Couture Jewellery on Most Memorable Customers

Paumoli Sanghavi, Owner, Couture Jewellery on Most Memorable Customers 0

🕔06:23, 12.Dec 2017

My memorable customer was my dear friend Urmila Matondkar who decided to get her Mehendi Ceremony Jewellery from me. It was a starry affair and I only had 7-8 days to make the customized piece. Urmila had full faith on

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Kishor Sheth, Partner, Batukbhai Sons Jewellers, Nagpur

Kishor Sheth, Partner, Batukbhai Sons Jewellers, Nagpur 0

🕔06:21, 12.Dec 2017

A family friend brought his guest to our store to check out some jewellery.  We knew that the family comprising of father, mother and daughter had come to window shop and not to shop for jewellery. They had in fact

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Chetan Soni, Partner, Shree Kareshwari Jewellers, Bharuch

Chetan Soni, Partner, Shree Kareshwari Jewellers, Bharuch 0 Updated

🕔06:16, 12.Dec 2017

One day a customer walked in and told us that he had come to buy nose pin. While showing him several types of nose pin, he started discussing various sort of jewellery design. Even though, he had come to buy

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Rose Gold Memories

Rose Gold Memories 0 Updated

🕔07:29, 5.Dec 2017

Krunal Soni, Managing Director, Ashok Jewellers, Ahmedabad A young girl in her early twenties came to us to get a ring made. She had seen a design online and wanted a similar kind made. The only difference was that she

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Beautiful Piece of Art

Beautiful Piece of Art 0 Updated

🕔07:27, 5.Dec 2017

Jayraj Zaveri, Owner, Bhagwati Jewellers, Ahmedabad Sometimes one has to go out of the way to satisfy the customer. Recently, I got a client who wanted special bangles made for a wedding. He came with all the specifics and gave

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For Old Time’s Sake

For Old Time’s Sake 0 Updated

🕔07:26, 5.Dec 2017

Rajesh Soni, Owner, Shree Kareshwari Jewellers, Bharuch A client wanted to gift his grandmother a ring on her birthday. Now this ring had to be an exact replica of an old ring which had broken. The client had come with

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Express Delivery

Express Delivery 0 Updated

🕔07:23, 5.Dec 2017

Gaurish Aggarwal, Managing Director, Gaurish Gems, Kotkapura Sometimes customers present challenging demands. A lady from Aurangabad was visiting town and stepped into our showroom one fine day. She liked our collection and on the spur of the moment decided she

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Much Fury Over Nothing

Much Fury Over Nothing 0

🕔07:17, 5.Dec 2017

Ravi Agarwal, Director, Zever & Gems Pvt Ltd, Rourkela A client had a bought a pair of gold bangles for his daughter. After a couple of days he returned with the bangles. He wanted them changed. His reason was that

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Not handled with care

Not handled with care 0

🕔07:13, 5.Dec 2017

Manoj Jain, Owner, Maniratnam Jewellers, New Bombay A few months ago a customer bought a pair of antique stone-studded bangles. He returned to us recently with the bangles in a terrible shape. The stones had dropped and the bangles had

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